I have always been a team player. I am responsible for my role as a writer and view myself and my skills as a business. To date, I have been the head of marketing for my business and I’m looking to expand my team.

I am focused on scaling my writing business in all cross-platform arenas. For some niches that level can only be reached by working with a manager and/or agent to open doors, climb walls and cross moats, together.

The best working arrangements I’ve experienced are when everyone comes together for a common goal, respects each other and follows through on what each team member has agreed to execute. Anything contrary to this simply kindles a disaster.

I don’t shy away from auditioning for the opportunity to work with a manager or agent. My desire is to join forces with working partners who confidently realize they won’t be forced to hold my hand at all times; but they will dish out a reasonable amount of “ata-girl”s when warranted, which prevents all writers from “dying on the vine.”

When everyone understands the progression and boundaries of the creative writing process, and enjoys the type of work they do above all others, we cannot lose.

Give me a subject or dummy assignment to see how I perform with a deadline, execute a desired outcome, and remain clear and present to the needs of the customer.

I can’t just allow my work to speak for itself. This situation warrants so much more than that. The connection that must be present between a writer and her team is vital; and the decision to join forces is so crucial, especially when the goal is to create lightning in a bottle.

If you’ve got the bottle please contact me because I would love to create some lightning, together.

Anne Kruse (714) 345-0528