Whether you’ve experienced career hijack, are pursuing a dream job or want to develop a career strategy, this service caters to the individual needs of each person. I work with clients who may be struggling with motivation, difficulty making decisions, and everything related to perseverance. 

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

CAREER CONSULTATION:   I Specialize in Helping Clients During All Phases of Their Career

Note: If you’re seeking career guidance then you’ve come to the right place. I am available for one-on-one career consultation sessions to help you navigate your career development path. Whether you need guidance for overcoming self-esteem issues, figuring out a way to keep on track to pursue your favored career, or want to build a perseverance practice, we should talk.

If you’re someone who loves an organized, strategic plan, you have the option to work with me to design and execute your one-of-a-kind, individually-based Strategic Written Career Plan. 

Not all professions have a clear path to follow when it comes to successfully entering the field. Working with me you will develop the perseverance and a portfolio of projects and experience to land in the career you desire. You’ll build confidence and know-how and prove to yourself that you DO have what it takes to work in the industry you desire.

CONTACT:  Please contact me at (714) 345-0528 or annekrusewriter@gmail.com or provide your information in the comment section below for a one-time FREE CONSULTATION.

Please Note: I handle a limited number of clients to ensure quality of service and outcomes.


I have helped hundreds of people find their way through career struggles that seem insurmountable until they talk to someone who understands. If that’s you, please give me a call or reach out via email below.

Please note: Career guidance needs are universal. If you are seeking career development support of any kind for any industry regardless of job status, gender, age, or disability I am available to help.