• Grant Writing (Nonprofit, Foundations, Government)
  • Website Development Copy
  • Copywriting (Business Bios, Business Plans, Strategic Marketing Plans, Fundraising Content) 
  • Content Marketing (E-books, Case Studies, Organic Blogs)
  • Social Media Platform Content 
  • Magazine Articles (Interviews, Research, Write)
  • Ghostwriting: Fiction & Nonfiction Business Marketing & Family Memoir (E-books & Print) 
  • Miscellaneous (Please contact with questions)

I want anyone reading this to feel free to contact me to discuss their writing needs. While I specialize in the above areas, I always enjoy carving out time to work with awesome people. Please reach out to discuss your needs. I guarantee that I will listen. No job is too small or lacking in importance.     


Everyone and everything has a story to tell. At the root of every project I write for myself or someone else, there is a deliberate attempt to use words to empower, humanize and dignify both the subject and the reader.

We connect through stories, always have, always will.

Applying these principles to my work is paramount whether the material is used for business bios, magazine articles, books, websites, marketing, film scripts, grant writing, fundraising and an occasional retirement party toast.  


I get it! Most people struggle with writing about themselves whether it’s personal or business related.

I also understand the self-shaming that occurs when there’s written material that needs our attention, but we can’t seem to get around to it.

Or, you may be feeling the guilt as opportunities slowly slip away to capture the stories of a loved one that will be lost forever if someone doesn’t put ink on the page.

And let’s not forget all the times we hear people say, “I really should write a book,” but these stories lay dormant in the heads of the well-intended.  


With over 30+ types of professional writing under my belt, and close to two decades of expert-level career counseling experience, I’m confident that whatever your writing needs are, I can help. And FYI, the counseling experience ensures a unique level of communication that optimizes what we both get out of the experience. Great communication equals great production value. 

I view each client interaction as an opportunity to serve as a conduit for their story. Sure, I could just concentrate on my own projects, but I have the heart and mind of someone who serves from a place of empathy and compassion. There will always be time in my schedule to tackle both because I love what I do. 


Part of my process involves discussing and connecting with the thoughts and emotions of a client and anchoring to why the subject matters to them. This unique technique allows me to discover why a client cares (this may be newly realized by the client), which in turn allows me to attach to the material and write from a position of caring as well. The result: more emotionally engaging content.

Appropriate doses of humor are part of that equation, which inform my belief that the shortest distance between two people is a laugh. Laughter brings light into even the darkest situations, and when shared can gift us with perspective. 


Whether your writing needs are personal or business related, my goal is to help uniquely convey a story that people can relate to that fosters a relationship with the reader. Think about it. The written word usually precedes us in our face-to-face and online interactions. Words on a page are the essential way to communicate who you are in the world – a pretty important undertaking. Sure, I’ll be doing the writing, but each project is very much a shared experience. 

Imagine how you’ll feel when you wake up in the morning and realize that you no longer feel the burden of unwritten material. Rest assured, you will be working with someone who genuinely enjoys doing what you prefer not to or simply can’t find the time to complete. Welcome to a win-win situation where we both come out better for having participated. 

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