In today’s ever-evolving multi-media world, the need for entertaining content is vital. Captivating an audience is no longer an option – It’s REQUIRED.  

With over 30 types of professional writing under my belt, and close to two decades of expert-level career counseling experience, I’m confident whatever your writing needs are, I can help.


I encourage you to peruse the list below and contact me to discuss working together. Whether your story is personal, business related or 100% fiction, I can help connect your story with the world.

CAREER COUNSELING:   I Specialize in Helping Writers of All Experience Levels

If you’re a writer seeking career guidance then you’ve come to the right place. I am available for one-on-one career counseling sessions to help you navigate one of the hardest careers to enter. Additionally, we work together to design and execute your one-of-a-kind, individually-based Strategic Written Career Plan. Most professions have a clear path to follow when it comes to successfully entering the field. Writing is not one of them. Working with me you will develop the perseverance, portfolio and projects to land you in the career you desire and deserve. You’ll build confidence and know-how and prove to yourself that you DO have what it takes to be a writer.

Please note: Career guidance needs are universal. If you are seeking career development support of any kind for any industry regardless of job status, gender, age, or disability I am available to help. 

CONTACT:  Please contact me at (714) 345-0528 or or provide your information in the comment section below for a one-time FREE CONSULTATION.



Business Bios (300-400 words words) $197.00 – $250.00

Marketing / Promotional Content  $75 – $150 per hour. Per project negotiable

Social Media Content – Hourly rate / monthly rate negotiable

Memoirs – Hourly rate and/or fee based on consult (In-person or telephonic interviews, and document prep)

Ghost Writing – Advance Plus Installments with Completion of First Draft and Final Draft

Resumes – $100.00 – $200.00


½ Hour TV script (Comedy of Family genre) – Negotiable

1 Hour, Four Act T.V. Script (Comedy of Family genre)

Feature Film Script – Customary 2% of budget (negotiable) (Comedy, Family, Select Horror Genres)

Historic Preservation Nominations – City, County, State, and National Register nomination documents. $4500-$6500.

Website Copy – Hourly

Ghost Blogging – $125 – $400 per blog (word count and research dependent)

Script Analysis and Coverage – $3.00 per page review. Coverage Report included

Commercials – $500-$1000 for 60 second commercial script.

Press Release – $150 – $250 

Public Service Announcement Script –  $200 – $500

Book, Short Story or Article Adaptations (T.V. or Feature) – Negotiable

Eulogies – Hourly rate

Web-based Episodic Script – Negotiable

Medical / Legal Report Writing and Editing – Hourly Rate

Video Production / Editing / Photo Scanning – NEGOTIABLE

Slide Shows – Time and Content Dependent  ($75 – $500)

Family History Bios / Memoirs (Written and/or Video) – Time and Content Dependent


One-on One Counseling: Hourly rate (sliding scale)

Written Career Plan Development (ID: Education, Financial, Support, Internships / Jobs, Job Development) – Based on need

Web-based Online Course: TBA