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USA BOOK NEWS: Required Reading for The Whole Cancer Thing. An Insider’s Tale plus 101 Must Have Survival Tips, was awarded as a FINALIST in the Health category for 2015. Please click the BOOKS FOR SALE on the top menu...

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What the Audience is Saying

The BEST book on the whole cancer thing I have ever read - and I have read many. Although I am male, and my cancer du jour is lung, I was able to relate with pretty much everything Anne wrote about - including the nausea. All I can say is fabulous! Bravo!!! A definite must read!!!

Mick London Cancer patient / Super Hero

My job training never stops. Every year I attend conferences and continuing education talks; and every new clinic or type of practice involves additional training. Reading your book can and should be considered training for all other medical professionals. I wanted to tell you how awesome it is to hear your description of the patient experience. It’s so interesting to read how things can impact patients. Your details and the flow of the book are wonderful! It’s funny, smart and charismatic!

Shannin Greene Oncology Medical Assistant

We need your help to share the award-winning book, "The Whole Cancer Thing" with cancer patients, families, nurses, doctors and students around the world. Please be a part of the quest!



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