Anne’s relatives have been roaring in Los Angeles since the 1920’s. Whether it was her ascot-wearing great Uncle Ernest whose customers called, “The Singing Barber,” or her great Aunt Alice who played the drums in a thirty piece all-female traveling orchestra in the 1930s, it is apparent her family tree is a bountiful one.

She considers herself the mash-up offspring of a musically gifted and brilliant mother, and a practical-minded accountant father, which affords her the genes to create something and find a way to pay for it.

Born in Los Angeles and raised within the, “Thirty Mile Zone,” she realized early on that storytelling was her homing beacon and she soon found herself enthralled with the world of 8mm film production. In the pre-MTV and phone camera years a girl had to shoot with real film and edit it by hand; and she loved every minute of it.

Seventeen years were spent studying human behavior and character development while counseling people through many of life’s transitions. Gleaning a deep understanding of the human condition helped her develop an uncanny ability to craft emotionally engaging stories while infusing the healing effects of humor.

Working with Anne carries an extra bonus: a Master’s degree in counseling  which allows her to set her clients at ease. It also helps navigate a pitch meeting, squelch an on-set skirmish, and foster business communications that leave everyone feeling positive with the outcome.

A background including small business management, hands-on corporate level operations, and paralegal certification assures an understanding of business within the arts and associated media platforms.

Knowing that storytelling is at the heart of content creation for all mediums, Anne’s mission is to write original projects, write for you, with you, about you, adapt an article, short story or novel into a T.V. or feature film script, or create business content to grow your brand and expand your reach into the ever-vital sphere of social media. Additionally, she has the unique ability to research, write and win city, state and national designations for historically significant buildings. Even historical buildings deserve to have their story told and not forgotten. Video production and editing round out her service cache.

In the days of performing reconnaissance on potential service providers, this site was developed to allow clients “in the room” to see who Anne Kruse is and to provide the “look before the leap” into a partnership that will be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

The three and a-half words that best describe Anne are: reliable, witty and user-friendly. The fact that she does NOT experience writer’s block is enough of a highly unique asset to keep her name in your favorite contacts.