Anne’s relatives have been roaring in Los Angeles since the 1920’s. Whether it was her ascot-wearing great Uncle Ernest whose customers called, “The Singing Barber,” or her great Aunt Alice who played the drums in a thirty piece all-female traveling orchestra in the 1930s, it is apparent her family tree is a bountiful one.

She considers herself a counselor by nature and a writer by design, and also the mash-up offspring of a musically gifted and brilliant mother, and a “get a real job” accountant father, which affords her the genes to create something and find a way to pay for it.

Born in Los Angeles and raised within the, “Thirty Mile Zone,” she realized early on that storytelling was her homing beacon and was enthralled with the world of 8mm film production. In the pre-smartphone camera years a girl had to shoot with real film and edit it by hand; and she loved every minute of it.

She carried this passion through college, but set it aside to pursue a degree in applied psychology and later a masters degree in counseling, specializing in career guidance. This is where she developed a deep fascination for the idiosyncrasies of humans as they manage life’s conflicts and upheaval.

Anne refers to the many years spent counseling clients through the hardships of career transition as a masterclass in character development – for both her and her clients. This ignited an intrinsic commitment to keep humanity, dignity and empowerment as the driving forces behind her selection of writing projects and counseling gigs. It also afforded her an uncanny ability to craft emotionally engaging stories while infusing the healing effects of appropriate, well-placed humor.

When opportunity knocked to attend the screenwriting program at UCLA, she jumped at the chance. Once graduated, she enjoyed success on the film festival and writing competition circuits. Although her aspirations include writing sitcoms and feature films, she finds profound meaning in writing nonfiction books that address difficult subjects in a clever and humorous way. Being a big proponent of the healing effects of humor, this platform offers Anne purpose and satisfaction like nothing else.

Combining her expertise in counseling with her writing skills has transferred nicely into helping clients with writing projects, personal branding, enhanced website development, career upheaval and others. She educates from first-hand knowledge about the perseverance needed to pursue a dream or traverse the gap between careers. Regardless of size, connecting stories with the world is at the root of each project, something she views as an honor and privilege.  No story, and thus no project is too small to deserve attention.

A background including small business management, hands-on corporate level operations, mediation and paralegal certification assures an understanding of business within the arts, associated media platforms and traditional climates.

The three and a-half words that best describe Anne are: reliable, witty and user-friendly. The fact that she does NOT experience writer’s block is enough of a highly unique asset to keep her name in your favorite contacts.

Anne’s mission is to write her own original projects, write for you, with you, and about you and your business and coach you when necessary.

She has a special place in her heart for helping families capture the life stories of their elderly family members and has this to say,

“The stories right in front of us that we might take for granted need to be memorialized so they can be carried forward to keep our families intact. I believe that there is nothing more important than this. I missed this opportunity with my mom and I will spend the rest of my career helping others avoid the same mistake.”

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