What’s It Take to Make Your Writing More Emotionally Engaging?

Answer: Your Emotions!

Do You Want to:

*Improve Believability and Relatability of Your Characters?

*Improve Engagement with The Audience?

*Improve Impact of Story Through Character?

*Improve The Feedback You Receive About Your Project?

Let’s Analyze Your Character’s Motives, Behaviors and Resulting Consequences to Finally Tell the Story You Want to Tell!

What We Do:

*Discuss Intention

*Breakdown Character

*Identify Your Emotional Influences and How They Affect Your Writing

*Provide You With Specific Tasks to Accomplish During Re-writes

*Empower You to Create Emotionally Engaging Content

*Help You Develop Indispensable Tools to Use During Your Entire Writing Career

Each Writer Has a Unique Set of Personal Influences that Populates Their Writing. It’s Time to Discover What Yours Are and Use Them to Improve All Your Projects From the Inside Out.

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