I love the fact that I participated in sports when I was younger. I draw strength from the neuropathways that were formed back then each time I set a goal and achieved it. It helped me learn to trust myself, and build a sense of calm assertiveness when facing challenges.

Who knew that marketing my book, “The Whole Cancer Thing” would require the neurons to fire in the same way. It takes a lot of emotional fortitude to create opportunities for yourself and your product. It is wonderful when you meet someone who is willing to hear you out and lend a hand. Dana Morgan, Director of Patient Services at Cancer Center For Healing in Irvine, CA is one of these angels in disguise.

I arrived at The Center to have a meeting with Dana to discuss the possibility of adding my book to their program in some way, and to tour the 20,000 square foot facility. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that once you have gone through the cancer surgery, chemo, radiation, recovery journey, you have moments of unexpected “EEEK” that can trigger a not-so-pleasant memory from one’s treatment. I had just such a moment when I stepped into The Center.

It is common knowledge, and I write about it in my book, that when people visit an infusion center where patients are receiving chemotherapy their anxiety can skyrocket and elicit a really strong urge to run away. It’s been almost 4 years since I did my time in an infusion center, so when I saw a room full of people sitting in lounging chairs with various IV bags dripping liquids into their systems I had an “EEEK” moment.

My “knee-jerk” was to look away and breathe. I sat down, gathered myself and then with the courage of a scary movie goer I peeked over at the people sitting in their respective seats. Once my eyes softened to what I was seeing I noticed something was vastly different. These people were receiving HEALING treatments rather than treatments designed to destroy “the monster.”

Once Dana came out to get me I had settled into to the vibe of The Center which is all about treatment, healing, recovery and rejuvenation. The tour was amazing, eye-opening and comforting. Their open-mindedness about alternative treatments that are internationally successful is amazingly refreshing. Unfortunately, those under the mind-limiting spell of Western medicine discount some of these methods. Limited thinking is not healthy for anyone, especially those in a chokehold with cancer. I write all about that in Chapter 14 of my book, “Anecdote for an Antidote.” One person’s successful treatment can be used to help others. It has to start somewhere.

With medicine moving toward an individualized care model, Cancer Center For Healing is way ahead of the game. Perhaps if Dana, and Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., the awesome doctor at the heart of this vortex for healing, embrace my book it can add another facet of healing for their patients, families, and staff. I would jump at the chance to get in the game.

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